Organizing Donations

There has been a lot of interest in giving after the Enquirer article.  Even before the article, we had planned to establish a closet on site where kids who need uniforms or shoes can go.  This will require a lot of time to set up and organize as well as working with kids who need uniforms.  


Acquiring tutors is by far the largest and hardest void to fill.  However, it is vital in helping students receive the extra help they need to achieve their academic goals.  Taylor has approximately 61 students who are at risk not to achieve high enough test scores.  If Taylor does not achieve these numbers for their special education students, the school will not meet with academic success as measured by the state.  Taylor needs as many volunteer tutoring hours possible for all of their students between January and the end of April.  State testing begins the first week of May.

Physical Activity/Club/Soccer Coach

Taylor Academy does not have an after school program at this time.  We would love to provide extracurricular activities for students.  The Soaring Hawks Foundation would even designate some funds for supplies.  Physical activities such as soccer which takes place after school, once a week, will operate this school year entirely by volunteers.  




Check out our upcoming events to see scheduled volunteer opportunities !

La Soupe Pick up/ delivery

La Soupe in Madeira donate SOUP to our students every other week!  We need people to pick the soup up (FROZEN) and bring to Taylor so we can send home with students.  The link to sign up is below (side note- it says to go between 11 and 12 but really they want you to come before 11am or after 2pm to avoid the lunch rush)


Want to REALLY make an impact?  Become a mentor to one of Ethel Taylor’s students.  We ask mentors spend at least 3 hours a month with their mentee.  Whether that’s an hour tutoring every week or lunch and a movie one Sunday.  The flexibility and level of commitment is your choice but WE NEED MENTORS!